Welcome to the

St. Anne Catholic Community

Warren, Michigan

Pastor:  Reverend Alberto P. Bondy


Welcome to the St. Anne Catholic Parish web site.  As you browse our site, you will find information about some of the many activities and groups we sponsor.  Through them we hope to fulfill the Mission Statement adopted by the Parish Pastoral Council in 1993:

 "St Anne is a Catholic Community dedicated to the worship of God.  Our mission is to welcome all who seek to worship God, to teach God's word, and to spread God's message through service to others.  At the center of our parish life is Jesus Christ.  Whatever we do, we do in his name for the glory of God.  We try very hard to provide the best experiences we can in worship, education and service."

All those things do not happen by accident.  They require careful planning and the active participation of interested parishioners.

If you are a parishioner, my question to you is, what can you offer in return?  What talent or skill do you have that you can share that will help our parish fulfill its mission?  In this web site you will find some of our activities and programs.  I hope you will read it over carefully and consider how you can become involved.

When you join our parish, you will be mailed weekly contribution envelopes.  In addition to sharing your time and talent, I encourage you to be as financially generous as possible to your parish.  Our school budget is approximately $1 million, most of which comes from tuition families pay to educate their children in a fine Catholic school.  The parish budget is about another $1 million.  For that sum, we depend entirely on the generosity of our parishioners through the weekly collection.  We also support Archdiocesan collections, mission collections and our monthly Emergency Relief Fund, which we use for special donations as needs arise.  You know best what you can afford to give in support of the work of the Church.

Our friendly parishioners are happy to be members here.  We have a fine staff ready to be of service to you.  We pray, learn and work together.


Fr. Alberto P. Bondy




Our Mission Statement:  St. Anne Parish is a Catholic Community on a journey of faith guided by God in our actions and our words.  Through our worship, our school and our many programs, we enrich our church and civic community by bringing God's love to others.